• Sasha Henderson

Not sure where to start when creating a home addition? Here's a short guide for you!

Step 1: What is your why? You've determined you want more space and extra square footage, but it's important to decide exactly how the new room or rooms will be used so you can design them accordingly.

Step 2: Do your research. Make sure you have all the correct building permits filed with your city and find out about any regional restrictions like limits on the number of stories you can have, or lot line considerations before diving into the project.

Step 3: Set your budget. Since your addition is custom, you can adjust how much the project will cost based on your budget. When you use a builder like the Henderson Home Builders, we help you find the right floor plan for your budget.

Step 4: Understand that you might have to live with construction or temporarily move out while under construction depending on how big the project is.

Step 5: If possible, tour some homes to see how other people have done their additions, you might stumble upon some awesome ideas you didn't originally consider.

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