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How do I add COLOR to my HOME?

As dramatic as it sounds, COLOR can make or break a space.

Choosing appropriate colors for your new home is an important aspect of the design process and it isn't an easy task.

Color has a profound INFLUENCE on a space and the people in it, but selecting the right palette can be a challenge. Paint colors look different from wall to wall(even in the very same room) depending on the amount of light a room receives, the time of day it is, and the even temperature of the light bulbs in space. This is why we have an Interior Designer on our team to help guide this very important process or color selection. When selecting colors yourself, follow these tips on how to choose interior COLOR SCHEMES to create your own no-fail combinations.

  • Start by finding INSPIRATION for your color scheme. Base your choices on an image or item you love. This could a piece of artwork, a rug, a photo you saw online, or a patterned fabric that appeals to you. Pull out specific shades within the design and apply them with your decorating choices.

  • Consider COLOR VALUE when choosing a palette. A mix of dark and light hues within your color scheme helps keep the palette from looking chaotic and keep it looking balanced and rich. For most people, it's best to keep the walls fairly neutral and light in value and add darker colors and bold pops of colors as accents with furnishings and accessories.

  • Plan out your entire home's COLOR SCHEME. Draw a plan of your home and list what will be in each room, such as the carpet, wall colors, and furniture. Gather swatches or paint chips that represent the colors of those items and place them on the diagram so you can get a better picture of how things will flow together.

  • Consider how LIGHT affects colors. Color is a reflection of light, so the amount of light in a room and what direction the room faces will have a significant impact on a color scheme. Which rooms in your house will receive the morning sun? the evening sunset? Which rooms have less windows and naturally feel a little dark?

  • ALWAYS get a SAMPLE of the paint and test it out in your space before buying the larger quantity that you need. Do NOT choose paint colors at the store. Always see the paint color in the space they will be going before making a decision!

Oftentimes visualizing where everything will go on a smaller scale can make a daunting task more doable. And if you need some help, let us know!

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